Ben G. Fodor, born in Dorog/Drostdorf, Hungary.

Since escaping from communist Hungary in 1981, Fodor has lived in Vienna/Austria.

He has supported himself as an independent artist since 2000.


Exhibitions (selection)


# Messer Galllery Vienna: "blau...als farbe schön und wahr"

# Vasarely Museum Budapest: "Moon Museum"

# Eat me  Photo novel and performance, world premiere and exhibition. Marcello Farabegoli Projects @ Studio Kucsko. Matthias Loibner: composition / hurdy gurdy / electronics. Actor: Christoph Dostal. Lyrics / script: Dorothee Frank


# Ars Electronica Linz: Carmine

# Belvedere 21: Performance What ist Utopia. Electro-philosophical Odysse by Fodor (images) & Frank (concept, texts) & Sillyconductor (Electronics). With the actresses / actors Gerti Drassl, Christiane von Poelnitz, Karl Markovics:

# Parallel Vienna: artist intervention Photocube „no door“



# Solo exhibition Carmine, Vienna Art Week / ARCC & Marcello Farabegoli Projects:

#group show Parallel und Konkordant @Parallel Vienna, curated by Marcello Farabegoli and Lucas Gehrmann

# Long art night in the factory oft the entrepreneur and collector Gerald Hanisch / Linz: installation Carmine


# school of kyiv / department Vienna, curated by Georg Schöllhammer / Hedwig Saxenhuber): The Wall, installation in public space

# Ludwig Museum Budapest: light and photo installation „Carmine“


# "Wandzeitung" (show 'round the clock) in the display windows of the artists' studio Steinbrener / Dempf & Huber in Vienna's second district: "Future Skills"
# "Utopia Station": Performance with projected works, electronic music and texts, at the studio building of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna ("Semperdepot"). Featuring Sillyconductor and Karl Menrad (acting).
# Group show "U-Topia" on the occasion of the launch of "Prolog 4", magazine for drawing and text, at Milchhof Pavilion Berlin
# Kunstsammlung Jena Germany: museum solo show "Incipit Vita Nova

# MAK / Schindler House Los Angeles.: Panel discussion and performative book launch I.V.N.


# The Barn, St. John´s College Oxford/UK in cooperation with ZKM Karlsruhe:

Total Potemkin. Ben G. Fodor and Marc Adrian

# Kepes InstituteEger/Hungary: Incipit Vita Nova.

# Artist book Incipit Vita Nova (Kerber publishers Berlin), booklaunch at Secession Vienna

Q202 Vienna/Austria,Café Sperlhof: TV Screen Bets. Game for Guests

Gallery of the City of Dorog/Hungary I.V.N  


# ‚Zollamt’ Bad Radkersburg/Austria: Art Politics Religion Civilisation Border.

Guest artist and guest cook at the Freitagsküche Frankfurt am Main/Germany.

forum experimentelle architektur Vienna/Austria: Potemkin Project.


near Bozen, South Tyrol/Italy


# Museumsquartier and Leopoldmuseum, Vienna/Austria: Performance Madonna Now.

Viertelfestival Lower Austria: Artistic poster action The Promised Train, using film stills of actors

and extras, and featuring Karl Markovics (leading actor in the Academy Award winning film

The  Counterfeiters).


# Leopold Museum Vienna/Austria: Ringturm.Kunst. The Vienna Insurance Group Collection.

# Minoriten Galerien Graz/Austria.


# Solo show Total Potemkin — a brief introduction, Brukenthal Museum Sibiu and Ivan Gallery

Bucharest, during Bucharest Biennial 


# MUSA (Museum auf Abruf) Vienna/Austria: Stark bewölkt – flüchtige Erscheinungen des Himmels

(‘Overcast and Cloudy – Fleeting Appearances in the Sky’)


# Photon gallery Ljubljana/Slovenia: Solo show noosphere

Wien Museum, Vienna/Austria: commissioned work for the exhibition Im Puls der Stadt — 2000

# Jahre Karlsplatz (‘Pulse of the City — 200 Years of Karlsplatz’).

Installation for the project Mitten im Achten as part of the Vienna Festival/Into the City,

Vienna/Austria. Participation in the exhibition, as well as installation in the public space, as part of

the main exhibition of the steirischer herbst festival at the Minoriten Galerien, Graz/Austria: Wie du

mir — Gegenbilder für transkulturelles Denken und Handeln (‘As You Me. Counterimages for

Transcultural Thinking and Action’).

# Awarded an artist’s studio by the City of Vienna.


# Artist’s book noosphere: presentation at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, among others.

Featured artist for programme media at the Salzburg Festival.

# Solo show noosphere, Month of Photography Bratislava/Slovakia


# Kodeljevo Castle Ljubljana/Slovenia: Props & Prostheses, Month of Photography Ljubljana

(curated by Walter Seidl).

Thomas Keller Gallery Siegen/Germany


# Centro Culturale Europeo of the Fondazione Banca Carige: Genova scatti europei. Solo show at

the Gallery of the City of Dorog/Hungary


# Mücsarnok Budapest/Hungary: The Hidden Holocaust


# Kunsthalle Vienna/Austria: Attack — Art and War in Media Times.

Zugluft, exhibition of Austrian artists at the Kunst Zürich art fair/Switzerland


# Zeichen-Sprache (‘Drawing Language’), Grita Insam Gallery Vienna/Austria.

Frieden weltwärts (‘Peace Towards the World’), Peace Research Institute Schlaining/Austria

(curated by Elisabeth von Samsonow and Cathrin Pichler).

Solo show Atrium ed Arte Gallery Vienna/Austria: Wien Verschwindet (‘Vienna Disappearing’)

Publications (selection)

# Artist’s book noosphere (nominated for the German Photographic Book Prize).

Publications by the museum in progress, Camera Austria, Eikon. Photographic works for the

concept volume Mozart Spuren (‘Traces of Mozart’) in the Viennese Year of Mozart 2006.

Featured artist in the almanac of Salzburg Festival 2008


Works in Collections (selection)

# MUMOK/Stiftung Ludwig Vienna. Unicredit Bank Austria. Banca Carige Genoa/Italy. Vienna

Insurance Group. Collection of the City of Vienna. Minoriten Gallery

Haecccc. 0+865, Museum Jena, Jenö Eisenberger collection, Thomas Griesbacher, Peter Coeln / Westlicht,

Marius Spannbauer ...

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